Wooden windows replaced by Cream UPVC

Harlequin Windows were asked to replace these wooden framed windows with cream UPVC. Looking at the before and after photos you can see what a difference it makes, and gives the property a clean new look, a revival and refresh.

Benefits of UPVC windows

  • Low maintenance
  • Increased security
  • Increased insulation
  • Increased ventilation
  • Money savings

There are many benefits to using UPVC windows as in the list above including low maintenance, no rotting, painting or staining. Anyone who has had wooden windows and been responsible for looking after them will be familiar with the regular tasks of cleaning and painting which is needed to keep the windows protected and looking good. This really does take up a lot of time in upkeep.

The added benefits of  increased security, better insulation and  ventilation will help you feel more safe as well as save money.

Wooden patio doors replaced by Cream UPVC

The photo above shows the before and after pictures. The wooden patio door and side window was replaced by Cream UPVC.

Can uPVC windows and doors save me money?

The biggest benefit to using uPVC Windows over wood or aluminium is its thermal insulation. UPVC is a highly thermally efficient material, keeping the heat in, to keep your electricity bill down. As they are generally cheaper to buy than wooden or aluminium windows, it makes good financial sense to choose uPVC.

wooden window and door set replaced by cream UPVC wooden-slat building

Wooden backdoor and side windows door set replaced by Cream UPVC